Tips on Choosing the Best Magento Solution Partner

Tips on Choosing the Best Magento Solution Partner

Tips on Choosing the Best Magento Solution Partner

Finding the Complete Magento Solution Partner

The search for a reliable Magento Solution Partner can very well be compared to the search for a life partner, since reliability, honesty and that undeniable vibe are common elements in both cases. Small and medium enterprises, agencies and storeowners have sought out a Magento storefront that could do wonders for their business from time to time, but all have not been lucky. Web development interactive agency EyeMagine has pointed towards certain factors that one should keep in mind when seeking out the right Magento Solution Partner.

1. Design – Design is perhaps the most important element to complete an ecommerce site. A poorly designed ecommerce site can never hope to attract or retain customers, but instead can waylay their buying decisions. A well-organized and neatly designed ecommerce site on the other hand, can influence a buyer positively and even bring him back later.

Good solid design and enhanced user experience are very important for a successful ecommerce website.

2. Customized Features – Features on an ecommerce site are as important as the design, if not more so. Magento offers some really useful extension features, to which you can even add some new features, and it’s vital for you to know how. Here are some instances of customizations that can be made to your Magento web development:

Blog postings

PR management system

Invoice based sales reports

Product organizer

3. Theme – A customized theme can give your ecommerce site great mileage if it reflects your business idea. Magento has several templates and themes, one of which would be your default theme. This theme can be overridden by a new theme that you could create to enhance your site.

4. Payment Gateway – Since Magento supports online transactions, you can choose from a payment gateway like or PayPal that can be integrated into Magento’s platform.

If you are opting for Magento development in India, you can be rest assured that Indian developers will take care of all these above mentioned points.

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